in a society where when given a compliment the correct answer is always "no i'm not pretty" or "no i look disgusting in this shirt stop lying", self love is something that many of us have lost. We can't keep doing this to ourselves, it's just another way of putting ourselves down in front of people rather then just realizing that actually yeah, i do look good today or yeah, this shirt does suit me.

I think the thing that many of us forget is that there's a difference between self-love and having a massive ego and boasting about it. There's a difference in not constantly putting yourself down and boasting about your strengths all the time.

Telling yourself constantly that you're not good enough is something many of us do - i'd be a hypocrite to say I didn't. But i'm beginning to realize how much of an impact that is having on even minor tasks. Self - love doesn't have to mean looking at everything you do and basically basking in it's perfection,that's not how it works. It may even mean looking at a few aspects of your life and realizing you don't have to put yourself down for something you're good at. Maybe you have a nack for oragami, or drawing, or coming up with storylines. Maybe you're really proud of the way you opened that jar of jam when no one else could - it really doesn't matter what it is. Pat yourself on the back - you've earned it.

Take a look at yourself in the mirror every now and then and tell yourself how wow, look how well i did my eyeliner, or wow, my hair looks kind of cool today, and if someone reinforces that by giving you a compliment then TAKE IT. Even if you don't believe it, i promise it'll make you feel better.

Again, I don't actually know how many people are reading this, whether im saying applies to you, or whether what i'm saying is even beneficial, but I really hope it is
thanks guys :-)
ella ♡