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Myself and Kristine N. J. R.

My name is Flora, I'm 19 years old and I have scoliosis. I also do strength training 5-6 times a week and intend to get much, much stronger than I currently am.

Why is this important to know?
Because strength is not determined by your body. It is determined by your mind.
You ARE strong enough to lift that weight, to run that extra mile, to get through high school, college or that stupid shift at work.

Fighting every single day

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It will hurt. It will crush your soul some days. You will hate it, wish it gone, damn the pain. Just keep going like never before. I was a tiny little person until I started training. I had no self confidence, no love towards myself and now I see a beautiful, strong woman in the mirror.

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Scoliosis made me STRONGER

For all those girls out there with scoliosis or just with the urge and need to change your life to the better, go follow my Instagram. If any of you wish to keep following and reading my captions, I'll write them in English also.
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