Wow hey, how are you doing?

So this whole article thingy is new for me, but I decided I wanted to try it. First of all, because I really like WHI and want to try every option the team brings to us but also because I like writing.

I wanted to tell some things about myself because that seems to be the theme in most first articles of people. So here we go.

1. My name is Carlijn and I'm a 16-year-old girl from the Netherlands. So it might be that my English isn't as good as a native speaker but I try my best haha. Oh and if the name 'Carlijn' (you pronounce it as 'car' 'line', or at least close to that) is too hard you can call me Carly, most people do.

2. I'm torn between being a tomboy and being a girly girl. I know that this sound really cliche but it's true. I play basketball, which I love to do, and I wouldn't consider that to be a true girly sport. At the other hand, I have a real passion for makeup and fashion. That are just some examples but you get the idea.

3. I would consider myself a feminist and queer (although I never had a crush on a girl). I just really believe in equal rights and all that so that's why. I don't get why we need to put labels on everything, it just makes things harder.

4. I'm not that interesting and that is why I can't think of more things to say about myself.

Yay, I did it!