So this is my first Article on WHI & I hope you like it, I'm going to try to post these quite frequently because I started a blog and found that too much, so this might be a scaled down version of that...?

SO, back to school...
I'm sure I'm not the only one absolutely dreading it right? It can be stressful for even the most neurotypical of people, but when you have a mental illness... that stress just multiplies.

So what can we do to reign in our disorders and stay as calm as we can this September? One thing is to PACK YOUR BAG THE NIGHT BEFORE!!!! I can't stress this enough, from anxiety to OCD, the panic of last minute packing will be enough to send anyone over the edge, and so by sorting out all your books and equipment the night before, you can then check as many times as you need to the next morning, but you dont have to race round frantically last minute. Another is to use to-do lists, these are a saving grace and can help you feel calm and in control, (something I struggle with during school!) and can also work as being quite therapeutic too. MEDITATE is also a great way to keep your illness at bay, it allows you to forget the worries of day to day activities and focus on you. I've tried it and trust me, it actually works! Also, take time out of your day for yourself, dont let the stress and work eat you up, while you may feel now that grades determine your life... they really dont. Take 30 mins to watch netflix, or go on a run, or read a book. Just make time to have some fun and relax, and trust me it will help with any anxiety or depression.

Thanks for reading, and I hope some of these help a bit :) XX