You see her
She doesn't smile
Her face shows no emotion
She walks by
Seems unapproachable,
out of every reach
Her black shoes don't
make any noise,
on the floor
She's gone

You think of her,
How she walks
through the crowd
How everybody
keeps distance,
shows respect
They don't look down on her
They look up
Nobody really seems to know her

Who is she?
Why does she wear all black?
her coat?
Why does she not smile?
Why does she seem to you
out of reach?
Why do you still not have the guts,
to speek to her?

If you knew her,
You wouldn't keep distance
You wouldn't think of her
the way you did
You would laugh,
together with her
You would accept the way
she dresses, it's her style
Wouldn't wonder about it
You would like her,
I'm sure
You don't have to fear her

What you don't know:
When she walks by
She's insecure, deep inside
Her face is not a mask
because she hates you
Her face shows nothing
To not show everything,
show her struggle
She fears to be judged again
She fears to get down again
because once
she was hurt,

So she has to show nothing
To be out of reach
To stay strong alone
and to leave people wondering
She just tries to protect herself
She just tries to survive

And that's who she is
That's why she's gone
That's why you're still
about her