This summer I have been thinking more about myself and what new things I want to try. I tried piano, new makeup trends, but painting is an activity that stuck with me. Here is why...

There is something about paint that never fails to be beautiful. You can paint a few random lines and that is art. You can paint a portrait and that would be art. Painting really shows how you were feeling in that moment, whether you mean for it to do so or not. There is something so captivating about the human emotion and having it captured in a new way.

For example, I am working on a painting of a sunset... I think. I am not quite sure what it is. Right now, it is just a bunch of muted colors blending in to each other on a canvas. I am working on a detailed outline of ocean waves over top of these colors. That night I started it, I was listening to calming music on Spotify in the silence of my dining room at 11:00 at night. I felt serene. I felt like painting one of my favorite calming scenes, the ocean. I love walking on the beach with headphones in and looking for shells. So, I mixed some colors and began to brush them on. In my head, I saw the ocean, and felt like I was calm and happy in that moment. The painting's colors are calming and subtle.

Painting really lets me think. I do not usually think too much about what is going on the canvas, but I think about who is painting. I think about me, about who I surround myself with, about how I compose myself. I have come up with my best solutions to my personal problems while painting.

You do not need to be an artist to paint. You do not have to be consciously examining every brushstroke as it is happening.

You just get to let go and have your feelings take over. You give your mind a break

I love painting because I am not an artist. I cannot draw, I cannot write stories, I cannot sing or play instruments. I can just throw some colors together that make me happy in that moment and BOOM! ART!

It is like a picture that captures your mood, your thoughts, your life in that moment. Only you will know what memories, what purpose that canvas holds. You will remember the things you thought about, the music you heard. Only you will remember the slight hum of the air conditioning, the yellow lighting of the room, or the Dixie paper plate you used to mix colors. That is something truly beautiful.