Hye I'm back with my first review! Thank you soooo much for the hearts in my first introductory article and I hope you'll love this review too! SPOILER ALERT!

YEAR: 2017

When I watched the first episode, I totally knew that they were giving the 'Girl Who Sees Smell' kinda vibe so I really was not that excited to watch the whole series BUT Bovely is naturally cute and she's my fave actress so, I did not click the 'stop' button because of her. The reason I clicked on 'next episode' button, on the other hand, was because the chemistry between her and Hyung Sik was so palpable one could not resist the Puppy Couple heart eyes

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The funny part was that the strong power Bong Soon possessed was inherited in all the females of the Do Bong family. She could not control her power nor hide them, which gave her a hard time every time she encountered trouble.

Park Hyung Sik was a game factory CEO, Ahn Min Hyuk, and being the rich boy he was, he received death threats almost every day. He decided to find a bodyguard and guessed who he stumbled upon one fine day? Of course the heroine, our favorite peanut-sized superwoman. Haha.

How Ji Soo came into the story? Well, he's Bong Soon's childhood friend who turned out to be a policeman that thought Bong Soon is one helpless damsel in distress.

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Wish some guy will say this to me(sigh)

You can really see the tension between the two guys in this story where one wanted to protect her at all cost, while one wanted her to embrace her power and use it.

Just how Derek Hale trained Scott McCall not to shift during the full moon,(I can't help it I have to put the Teen Wolf reference here LOL) Min Hyuk trained Bong Soon to control her power so that she would not cause unnecessary harm to innocent people around her.

I think the story's main issue was about an obsessive guy who kidnapped women to make them his wives. Creepy, I know. Bong Soon and the creep crossed path when the guy kidnapped her best friend. Therefore, the second halves of the drama focused on Bong Soon and Min Hyuk's plan and strategy to catch the guy.

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I really love this drama because of the couple. They are so damn cute and I know viewers enjoy their romance more than anything in this drama. The ending was, well, I have to give it a 7/10 because I don't really fancy the way Min Hyuk changed after he married Bong Soon.