Hellu,finally after hitting the backspace for a zillion'th time now,I've brought myself to write about my insecurities.
So Im just a 16 year old "Indian Brown Skinny" teenage girl.
"NERD" "Too SKINNY" "no BOOBS" "no CURVES" "BLACK" thats exactly how people like to describe me.
So let me introduce you to the real me.Before you shoot me with your judgements
But this time absolutely no lies.no masks & no pretentions.
only truth.let me show you my naked soul.
so here I am. The RAW,REAL&VULNERABLE.JANHAVI.yea thats my real name.REAL because people call me janvi,jhanvi,janavii etc etc. But my real name is pronounced as jaan-huh-we and written as Janhavi.
my friends like to call me jaan(meaning:life)
I love art.Any type of art.singing,writing,reading,painting,playing guitar anything literally anything.
as people like to believe.NERDS.should not be talkative Im totally contradictory to this belief.I can talk 24/7 without any breaks.ok sorrry i exaggerated this way too much.
I love wearing makeup.Becaues it make me so much more confident.Wearing makeup is the only positive thing that came out after being called out brown.I no longer wear makeup to please or impress anybody , i wear it because applying eyeliner is an art.
i dislike body shamers.because they make me uncomfortable in my own skin and i hate the fact that i believe in every single word they say.Its hard to ignore the negativity and the worst thing is not being able to comeback with something.
to everyone who's called me skinny,boobless,curveless.
thankyou.for your critics have helped me understand myself better.ive realised what you think should not matter.
Im me.no one can be me except myself.i am able to see it as my power.So Thankyou.
i want to say
All NERDS are not ugly.
All Beautiful Girls are not sluts and brainless bimbos.
All bodies fat,thin,or whatever you want to define it as are beautiful.
All skin colors black,brown,wheatish,white. are beautiful.
Shoutout to every girl trying to love herself hwen the world is constantly telling her not to.
try harder.you'll get there.know your worth.dont let them put you down.
love you,