"Autumn killed the summer with the softest kiss." - d.j.

[ ] Visit a pumpkin patch

autumn, fall, and pumpkin image apple, autumn, and Halloween image autumn, pumpkin, and fall image autumn, pumpkin, and fall image

[ ] Go apple picking

apple, fruit, and autumn image apple, girl, and nature image autumn, fall, and apple image autumn, apple, and pumpkin image

[ ] Go on a hike or explore the woods

autumn, fall, and leaves image flowers, girl, and nature image nature, forest, and tree image forest, green, and nature image

[ ] Go to a football game (school or professional)

[ ] Buy or make your own candles

[ ] Collect pine cones or leaves

[ ] Create a reading list

book, light, and library image bullet, journal, and writing image books, reading, and retro image black and white, gift, and grunge image

[ ] Decorate your room

Image by Private User decoration, inspiration, and autumn image book, cozy, and autumn image autumn, light, and fall image

[ ] Have a scary movie marathon

candy, Halloween, and movie marathon image chuck, exorcist, and gore image cinema, grunge, and dark image scream, black and white, and cinema image

[ ] Watch Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving or Halloween (The Great Pumpkin)

[ ] Make your own Halloween costume

[ ] Visit a haunted house

[ ] Throw or go to a Halloween party

Halloween, balloons, and jack image Halloween, idea, and party image boo, carving, and celebrate image party, light, and boy image

[ ] Make warm drinks

Inspiring Image on We Heart It coffee, drink, and food image adventure, autumn, and clouds image background, beautiful, and cup image

[ ] Have a lazy day

Image by Private User aesthetic, grunge, and pastel image tea, socks, and book image bed, house, and bedroom image

[ ] Go to an amusement park for fright night

[ ] Go to a corn maze

[ ] Go to a carnival or fall festival

[ ] Bake pies and bread

autumn, pumpkin, and fall image food, pie, and fall image food, sweet, and bread image autumn, fall, and food image

[ ] Knit

sweater, winter, and clothes image winter, hat, and white image cozy, socks, and winter image coffee, winter, and cup image

[ ] Go to a drive in or have your own movie night

couple, grunge, and car image love, couple, and movie image date, night, and bed image light, bedroom, and room image

[ ] Have a potluck

[ ] Make a fall wreath

[ ] Create a fall playlist or a Halloween playlist

[ ] Make treats

pumpkin, Halloween, and autumn image cake, food, and tumblr image food image Temporarily removed

[ ] Go camping or camp out somewhere

light, night, and nature image food, lake, and picnic image dog, nature, and travel image Image removed

[ ] Have a bonfire

friends, beach, and summer image fire, marshmallow, and autumn image chocolate, food, and marshmallow image bonfire, fall, and tumblr image

[ ] Go for a hayride

[ ] Have a picnic

[ ] Decorate your house

[ ] Road trip

america and viaggio image travel, map, and adventure image rain, autumn, and car image adventure, drive, and driving image

Hi everyone :)
This is my first article and I hope you enjoyed it.
I realize that fall or autumn to do lists are everywhere right now, but it seemed like a good place to start.
If you'd like more articles from me, send me a postcard with some ideas on what to write next or of what you'd want to read.
Thank you for reading!