This is Part 2 of my "(Actually Helpful) Back-to-School tips" article series! You should read Part 1 first if you haven't yet, it contains tips 1-10. Click the collection below!

Now let's start!

11. Simple Wikipedia

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Writing an essay? Looking things up? Wikipedia is probably what you're using, and despite what your teachers say: It just is the best website to do so. However...

Wikipedia can be difficult to understand, and a lot to read. I bet you wish there was a way to make it simpler to understand and less text! Well, I'm here to grant this wish: Simple Wikipedia!

"Simple English" is a "language" in Wikipedia you can use. Simply replace the "en" in the url to "simple".

Here's an example:

Look how simple it is to understand!

12. Get a good night's sleep

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Here's a few things you gotta do

  • Install "flux" on your pc. It automatically tints your screen at night (you can choose a time zone) so that your eyes don't have to look at the usual bright blue light of your pc. I installed it once, and never looked back. It's really amazing that I never noticed how hurtful the light is for me. But flux fixes that!
  • There's similar programs to flux for your phone. Check out "Twilight" or just search for "screem dimmer" or similar in your app store
  • Don't use your pc or phone when you should be sleeping or getting out of bed. Use applock apps and similar programs for your pc. I also recommend "leechblock" - a firefox addon with which you can block certain websites. Programs like these often give you the option to block things for or at a certain time.
  • Use a sleep analyzer app. They record your movement while you sleep and know when it's best for you to wake up, because they know when you are in light/deep sleep. For Android I recommened "Sleep for Android". You need the Premium version, which costs money, but... There's other ways to get the premium version of course. (Keyword: apk. Just google it)
  • On a similar note, give nature sounds as alarm noise a try, if you haven't already. Some like it, some don't. I recommened using a long (5-20 minutes) fade-in for your alarm sound, whether you use nature sounds or not.
  • Waking up at the same time everyday (weekends included!) helps a lot when getting up. This might not be reasonable if you wake up very early for school, but try to at least have a similar sleep schedule on your weekends as on your weekday. (I do it like this: For school I sleep from 22-5, on weekends from 23-7)
  • Try to get at least 7 hours of sleep (8 is very hard to get, and probably not necessary if you're not very young)
  • Drink a lot of water in the mornings - it'll wake you up! Also stretch.
  • Remember to never use your laptop in your bed at day, because getting into bed at night will make you want to use it again. Keep PC stuff to the desk!

13. How to study

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  • Take regular breaks
  • In your breaks: Drink, eat, move around, go the toilet, ...
  • Don't use your phone or pc in your breaks if you can help it!
  • Put your phone on silent before studying
  • If you can't control yourself, put your phone in another room
  • Open the windows to get some fresh air
  • Don't get too comfortable! Studying in bed won't do you any good, it will just make you sleepy. Use a chair or sit on the ground - everything except the bed is fine!
  • Have pens, highligthers, a dictionary, and everything else you might need ready
  • Talk to yourself! You will memorize spoken words a lot easier than ones you only read.
  • Move! Walk around your room, do exercises, do yoga, ... Anything can help. This does not only make studying more fun, it also helps you concentrate and memorize!
  • Don't study if you feel bad. Totally hungry? Just got broken up with? Angry with your teacher? Super stressed out the test? If you feel like that, then you won't memorize anything you're trying to study. Your best choice is to take a break and try again later.
  • Tell other people about your achievements! There's nothing wrong with proudly saying "I just studied for two hours!" to your sibling, friend, parent, ...
  • To get yourself to do something, tell other people things like "Tomorrow I will be done with this topic." Then you basically have to do it, or you'll let them and yourself down!
  • Do NOT listen to music with vocals. Instrumental music is fine mostly, but beware of instrumental versions of songs you can sing along to, and songs that have memories connected to them, because they will rip your attention away from studying. I recommened video game music from games you haven't played.

14. Make todo lists

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My favorite things to do! Always have a todo list! It doesn't only remind you to do things you gotta do, it also shows you your own process, which will motivate you a lot!

Make sure to break down larger tasks into smaller ones. For example, if you have to write a 5k word essay, you might want to make "write 1k words", "write 2k words" etc single points on your list. You can then cross them out quite soon after you started. Otherwise you would feel like a failure for not writing the whole essay, even if you wrote 4k out of 5k words already.

Make sure your todo lists are always with you. This means you either use your phone, or a notebook you carry around everywhere.

15. Try to have some fun

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Studying is... Ew. It's not fun, I know. But sometimes, the things you have to study can actually be interesting! So my challenge for you is to find positive things in studying. Here are some you can use:

  • This is intersting
  • I should know this
  • I am proud of knowing this
  • I can use this information later in my life
  • It's better than what I had to study earlier
  • It will make my grades look great

Also, I have mentioned methods with which you can make studying more fun. Here's a few again:

  • Move around (see 13.)
  • Cross it from your todo list (see 14.)
  • Pretend that you're the voice of a documetary on the subject
  • Pretend someone's interviewing you about the knowledge, and you're a professional who knows it all
  • Sing/rap what you have to study
  • Ask others to quiz you
  • Get a classmate and challenge them: who gets more answers correct? who studied more?
  • Write your notes beautifully
  • Connect what you have to study with things you like (e.g. if you have to study different kinds of soil think about how Sherlock Holmes could use that knowledge to crack a case!)
  • Boast with your knowledge once you're done studying
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