Autumn is finally here & I'm loving it! Finally!
Anyway, that also means school is here too and even though I already finished it, there are millions of people who still goes to that place, so today I will tell a few but important tips that are related with school.

School is a place where you have a lot on your mind, so notebook/ bullet journal or however you decide to call it always helps. Because being organized isn't a new fashion trend to look cool. Being organized is just a way to make everything easier. That's why you need a little book where you can write down every stuff you need to remember or else.
I had a notebook and it helped me so much. Even though I used to draw in that more than write. But having a journal for some people can also be a stress reliever. Well, we all know that school sucks and it causes a lot of stress, so yeah, you understood my point.
Also have a bottle of water with you all the time. It's just a reminder to be more healthy and not to dehydrate.
Moving to more makeup related theme. Just don't overdo your makeup. You don't want to look like ready for a night out in morning right? I mean try to avoid dark eye shadows, false lashes and bright/dark lipsticks. Trust me, I know what I'm saying, because I used to do my makeup like for a prom everyday. It was one of the worst mistakes when I was in school. I'm not saying you need to go without makeup, all natural and everything else. But try to choose natural colors or more nude. It looks way better than red lipstick and falsies.

Now a little tip that is necessary. In your bag or on your wrist you must have an elastic hair band & lip balm. They are a life saviors. You can also add a hand cream because school season is a cold season and we need to take care of our hands.
And last tip would be the most important. Never forget your earphones and charger for phone. Without them your day at school would be endless.
So that is all little readers. I hope it was useful for you all and see you on the next post!