Hi fellow article readers. I want to start writing articles, but I thought I should share some stuff about myself first.

1.I love traveling and being outdoors.
-even though I've only been to a few places...North Carolina, New York, Florida, etc I love visiting new places. Even more, I like being outside, especially in the fall.

2.I am inevitably in love with fall.
-It may be overrated, but there's just something about the sweet smell of baked goods and the way the trees turn a variety of colors that make me love it so much.

3.Reading & Writing is my thing.
-give me a book, any book, and I'll read it cover to cover. Give me a topic about and I'll dive right in. I absolutely adore writing and one day I hope to become a published author.

4.I'm a movie geek.
-I think I spend more time watching movies than I do talking, and I'm a chatter box. I love the way so many emotions and stories can be expressed through film and how it makes me people think and feel afterward. Something about it is magical.

Thank you so much for reading just a little bit about me, I love writing, and if anyone has any suggestions-topics or suggestions for books or movies please message me. Have a great day!