I'm sorry for my tears
The pain I feel right now
Of how unaware I am of how hurt I got
How unfair life became to me and you

How we lived life separately
And of the distance we have
As much as I wanna talk to you
I don't bother because you're busy

With the life you built before me, before us
But with every passing day I miss you more
I see you online but know you and I have better things to do
Because we want to focus on school and let everyone see

But with every night my chest is tight and my eyes filled
I try to be better for us but how can I when we are like this
Unable to find time to share
Because of how life has been unfair to us, to me, to you

But I fear that our happy days come to an end soon
Which fills me with the uncertainty of what is to come
All I can do is pray to the God above that he guides our path
And He brings us to each other again

Where we'd be happy and free
No one holding us down or separating us to be...

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