Originally,i was talk about Blackpink,f(x) and EXO.But my plans changed,and how you can see (or read),my plan for now it's talk about BULLYING,recently i see a korean article,and this korean article was talk about a korean school girl who pass for the BULLYING,and this BULLIYNG it's not a any BULLYING,this acts against this inocent girl was,punishments with chairs,glasses pieces and kicks,so many kicks,this made me think how we are always just thinking about our own lifes without worry if some another person are good or not,we don't care about anything,just with ourselfs,this situation made me feel a worse human,'cuz when another inocent person are in the hospital for the hurts caused by the BULLYING i'm here,in my confortable home,in my confortable room studying,reading good books,read articles about hair,makeup,fashion,foods,diy,everything you can imagine,this hurt me,and i'm don't lie about this feeling,this is terrible,so guys,let's love more,let's made more love,let's give huggies and kisses in the peoples please,don't be shy,it's ''funny'','cuz we aren't shy peoples when we gonna made some bad thing to another peoples,so this is the message of the day,LET'S LOVE,LET'S MADE MORE LOVE,LOVE IS LOVE,maybe i can write something about the groups and my ideas later,but for now is this.

SARANGHAJA(let's love,promise me,promise for the world,for a most good world)