I find it hard to love yourself. The things that society says can hurt us deeply and make us hide in the dark, they always think they can govern over those who try to be themselves. When was the last time do I remember feeling proud of who I am? Days? Months? Years? Not even weeks.

But has it ever occurred to you that maybe, just maybe, you can bend the rules of judgments? Forget about the 'trying to fit', no, that's old; nobody likes being a clone or a copy, it's what makes us negative and angry.

Try, just try to love being different from others. Be the greatest person you can be. Not a bad person, but show the world what you're worth and what you can do, because you are a limited edition.

Once when I was running,
from all that haunted me;
to the dark I was succumbing-
to what hurt unbearably.
Searching for the one thing,
that would set my sad soul free.
In time I stumbled upon it,
an inner calm and peace;
and now I am beginning,
to see and to believe,
in who I am becoming-
and all I've yet to be.
-Lang Leav
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We stand by together, not against each other
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So go ahead: try to love yourself