There are two roads leading to different directions. Everyone you see goes to the left. Right path in front of you is empty. Which way would you go?
Left one? I'm pretty sure I'm right.

People are afraid to make decisions by themselves. We often think that the right way to go is where the other goes. It is maybe the easiest way but surely not the right way. Everyone should have a faith to make they own decisions.
If you want to fulfil your dreams, then sometimes you have to take the lead and don't think about that what the other people are doing.
You can't be a follower for your whole life --then you never start living.

If you want to live then you have to cross your comfort zone, you have to come out from your own bubble and do things what makes you a little afraid. Because... how to get over your fear if you don't face it? Once you do it, you feel satisfied and want to do it again. That's the way you can live bigger, achieve more, and make your dreams come true.

So next time you see people going in one direction- before you follow them, ask yourself twice, if you really want to do that. Do you really want to be piece of that group where nobody actually knows what they are doing? you want to be recognised? Do you want to shine out from the grey mass and do something the others are not?

Have faith in yourself to change your life, to be a shining star and do your own thing even if nobody believes in you! Dream big and some day it will pay off, I promise you!