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You know, sometimes you wonder to different places and you feel free, like this place touches your heart and soul in a very weird way..

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..and then there are other times when you`re at home but it doesnt feel like your home.

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Well, maybe home is just a person to us.. and all the feelings we have about that person. Something reaaaally special that we never wanna leave behind..

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If you thought of a specific person, thats it. Thats your home. He or she is your home.

But what if they dont love feel the same? Maybe its not meant to be, maybe they are not right for us.
We have to let go and find for another home..and no, I dont mean a place.
I am not saying it's easy.. God, I know, it is not easy at all. But it is not impossible too. So, just, let go..

A wise woman once said
"fuck this shit"
and she lived happily ever after

It's all in our mind, kid.