So i was sitting in my favorite cafeteria in my favorite city in this world watching all these people passing by me. They were so hurried that no one noticed me, maybe too lost in their own lives to look at a strange girl writing about them.

book, autumn, and coffee image

I wasn’t looking for anyone or anything, but it seems like someone was waiting for me. He just stopped by and asked me what time it was and I answered that I didn’t knew how to speak that in french. So he laughed and said that i could speak in english, after that we started to talk.

I don’t know how much time we spent talking about everything, but he told me that he saw me writing and got curious so that was the reason to ask me the hour.

I was not looking for him, but he was what i needed to find, with his smile and grace made me forgot about the past and the other ones who didn’t work. As my favorite singer said once: “On a Wednesday at the cafe I watched it Begin Again”

Image by Vio