Okay, I'm about to go crazy and start ranting so I'm really sorry:

Society now a days for teenagers is really difficult to live in; people are always being pushed to the brink and told to do stuff that is really bad for them and it also puts a bad rep on our generation. I know that in my school, I have already been told that I need to lose my Virginity because that would make me even more popular and I would be considered "Cool" By the cool kids but why the hell should I? Just because that is what society is telling me to do doesn't mean I need to do it. I should be able to decide when and if I want to do that without having all of this peer pressure assigned to me. Now I have no clue what kind of problems/dillema's you guys are going through but please know that you don't need to do what everyone else is telling you to do because than you aren't reallly being you: You are being society. Don't cave into the peer pressure of your friends or peers at school. Stay true to yourself and know you aren't alone. If you guys want to talk about it, please friend me and send me a message...... Love you guys and you aren't alone on your problems.