Hi. The last two years of my life have been the hardest years I've ever experienced. I got caught up in the rebellious attitude and my care for things decreased. The aim of this article is to tell you that things do get better. This is what I would have liked to know back when I was in high school.

  • Academics are important. The whole badass act is more intimidating when you actually have knowledge to back you up. Actually securing your future is more important than creating memories that you only remember through snapchat or instagram.
  • Having a spiritual foundation is key. God is the only one who can get you through those nights of tears. Do not deny Him simply because things aren't happening according to your timing. "Good things come to those who wait". Trust in God's timing and plan for your life.
  • The boy who you swore was worth losing a part of yourself to (emotionally and physically) is more irrelevant than you think. We all want that high school sweetheart. But don't fall in love with the idea of love, more than the action of loving. If the heartbreak does come, do not seek revenge. Do not hoe around to fill a "void". Instead, learn to love yourself more than any guy can love you.
  • Make memories that you'll remember forever. Go out with your crazy friends and dance the night away. But do not lose yourself trying to be something that you're not. Let your hair down and be a little crazy.
  • Only YOU determine who you will be, Do not let your friends, parents, academic results and inner demons determine what you achieve in life. Sometimes when the tides get too high, remember that you're sailing the boat. You have the ability to sail atop those waves towards your paradise island.
  • Love yourself and Forgive. At the end of the day, you are living for you. Do not hold yourself down with the burdens of what people have done to you. Forgive and ask for forgiveness.
  • Disney movies and good music should be a necessity in your life. Nurture you child-like spirit and mend any situation with good tunes.

If you have not heard it today, I love you. I wish you everything of the best for this day and the year ahead. Thank you.