It is ironic to write about this, isn't it? But the thing is that when i was little, i had bunch of diaries where i was writing everything that happened to me that day and i enjoyed it. I enjoyed writing about my day and my so called adventures, i enjoyed listing the pages and finding funny stories. I kept writing about myself throughout the years and as the years passed, the stories became dull, the adventures not interesting enough. What could i possibly write that would mean something to me now or years later? Nothing. So i stopped wasting the papers on some random, everyday words. But that doesn't mean I didn't have great time now and then, I just did't want to keep track of everything, like i had to write what happened or else i would forget and loose those moments, those feelings. I still continue to write, but not the same stuff i used to. I write about my ideas, dreams, different topics. I write everything that I can't or won't tell anybody. Just for myself. This way, I can get to know myself a little bit more.