it all started when i took the courage and decided to show what i can do to others and specially to myself. Being a member in AIESEC community is something that everyone in this world should exerience to prove to himself that he was always underestimating his powers and capabilities . IT IS ONE OF THE BEST THINGS THAT HAPPENED TO ME SO FAR.
As a shy and an insecure girl, i've been always kind of passif person ,i even did not have a little bit of courage to try what is it to be a leader.i've had that feeling of fear that stops the human being to take a step over the line of his comfort zone .
If i am ever proud of what i am today , that means that i am grateful to myself because i even surprised myself by changing alot . it is always related to having the bravery to take the first step ! first steps are the hardest ,we all know that , but the chalenge in life is to let your fear, your insecurities,your negative thoughts behind you and you say to yourself : why me?why am i afraid? why is everyone else is fearless? well fear is hunting everyone but the difference between a brave person and a shy one is that they learn how to hide it and how to not show it to others . Once you dont show your fear to others and even 'pretending' that you're confident this will help you face people , will make others look at you with a different vision , YOU will be a leader .

Yet, i am deteminated to developp more myself , i will take challenges that are everytime bigger than the last ones . thats how you grow and empower yourself ! thats how you Become a better person.