you know sometimes we all caught ourselves stuck up in life in the middle of nowhere,whether it is a change we have to go through,scar we have to heal,moving on ...these things never go as planned ..and it is hard i know it from the top of my soul..our soul goes through let it be called ,,freezing,,and you know sometimes to fight the ,,thing,, you have to be ,,the thing,,while we are caught up in this mess there might be a few things to do just to clear a bit our own way and be thankful to ourselves later on..when its all over are these helpful things ( based on my own experience):

i will consciously mix it with not getting to know but getting to ,,feel,, what you are going through..taste the pain,smell the pain let it break you,instead of fighting it back ...sometimes thats the best solution you have in your hands instead of trying to scratch it out of your skin let it come in dont block it because if you do it might stay longer and you not knowing its out there might continue living on bearing more than one pain in life let it come in and then slowly breathe it out going through the next steps

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2.explore since you ve let your pain in,try and get to know it dont be afraid of it,ask where it comes from,why you,the most common question what it has to do with you will it crush you leaving you unable to move forward..and believe me if it doesn t answer it only means that you are strong enough to bear it live with it and finally let it go at the end..
aesthetic, alternative, and autumn image a book read a book to yourself,your soul,it is like a treatment for it,get a book and get lost in it,try to read as long as you can,for a whole day maybe ,your soul will be greatful for not letting your pain to stay for so long,let it come but let it not stay...
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4.take yourself on a date at a cofee shop,rainy day,order tea,stare out the windows,let the rain wash away the pain off you ..stand for a while and look at those rushing people trying to get somewhere,trying to run away from themselves,you are doing ok,you are going the right way this is okay,you are doing enough for you and that is enough... alone your soul will regenerate itself being alone,sometimes the only therapy needed is yourself and your own this as often as you wish dont feel guilty or bad doing this,just take your time do it for days,weeks,or even years just take your much as you want to and dont feel like you are taking other people s times because you are only trying to save your self you are trying to be there for you when none of them are..thank you for inspiring me everyone and remember i love you all .. <3 p.s you can do this