Here I am again with the second back-to-school post, I know, I know, that no one likes to be reminded of this but ultimately it will be a great help to all of you. For those who have not seen my other post just go to my collections that my post will be there.

6 mobile phone as far as possible

I say this in terms of both study and alarm clock terms.
Many people can easily turn off the alarm clock if the mobile phone is right next to the bed? But what if he's away from you? Would you have to get up to get it right? And that would be a great idea!
The same goes for studies, keep the cell phone away from you. If they need to use the computer to study and can not get rid of facebook, twitter, etc., they can use their own sites to temporarily block access to these social networks.

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7 start studying from the beginning

Many people begin to study only from the second week of classes, when they have started to give the subject in the first and this is a big mistake because the matter will accumulate.
So start studying from the beginning and I'm sure the results will be better.

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8 Keep the study spot organized.

I organize my desk every weekend, put the papers in the correct place, pens, pencils, notebooks, EVERYTHING!
It is very important to have a place of study organized and not a place where there is only visual pollution.
And whenever you go to school, take with you all the necessary material and do not go after the middle of the study, looking for school supplies.

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look at these desktops so beautiful and organized, even want to study

9 view photos when they are demotivated

Yeah, I know, silly? Maybe, but it's a lot of me!
When I do not feel like studying, I go to We Heart It and see photos of organization and college, because they give me more encouragement, it can work for you too!

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10 have a hobby

I can not have a hobby during school, blah, blah, blah! Come on! You need to have a hobby during class. Do what you love, from writing, drawing, playing a musical instrument, watching movies, practicing a sport, anything, that frees you from studies, I swear it will make you lighter.

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I hope you like it and until the next post!
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