Hello there, sweethearts! (Sweet "hearts", huh? Get it? No? Uh, okay. Sorry.)

I've been in WHI for about three weeks, I'm a total rookie. Yet I'm already in love with this! This community is so relatable, the pictures are so lovely and now that articles are here, we'll get to know the hearters behind the hearts. :D

Here's some (kinda very usual & boring) facts about me!

  • I'm fourteen years old girl from Finland.
  • My second name actually is Unelma, which means "a dream" in finnish.
  • Got blond-ish hair, green-ish eyes & I'm about 1,75 meters tall.
  • Fazer's chocolite is the real chocolite and no-one can tell me otherwise.
  • Also, I live in a small place in the finnish countryside. The population is a little over 1500. I've grown in this place, and I can't imagine living anywhere else.
beautiful, landscape, and france image
This is how it looks like outside of my home.
  • I'm straight and from christian family, but I support LGBT+ community with all of my heart. <3 They're amazing, talented human-beings, like everyone else. Really, I don't get the idea of "homophobia". It's not a phobia, those people are just being assholes.
girl and rainbow image
  • About music, I like many different kinds of artists and gendres. From ballads to rap, from Bon Jovi to Alessia Cara, I love it.
  • I go to singing lessons, I'm not that talented, but I enjoy it very very much.
broadway, hamilton, and renee elise goldsberry image alexander hamilton, lin manuel miranda, and laurens image hamilton, jonathan groff, and alexander hamilton image hamilton and renee elise goldsberry image
It's never too late to join this emonational, amazing fandom. Never.
  • About drawing, I've done it my whole life and I'm still learning. It's something that I love to do everyday and everywhere.
  • I guess I'm a bit obsessive with drawing, since I do it all the time...
coffee, drawing, and art image
It's my favourite way to relax, letting my mind wonder and hand move with a mind on its own.
  • About reading, the books I read are the chategory of awesomeness, okay? xD
  • I mean "awesome" as Percy-Jackson-and-Hunger-Games-and-Divergent-and-the-Mortal-Instruments-and-the-Maze-Runner-and-other-random-books-kind-of-awesome. #fulltimefangirl
jace, the mortal instruments, and clary image percy jackson, annabeth chase, and grover underwood image Jennifer Lawrence, the hunger games, and catching fire image thomas, the maze runner, and dylan o'brien image
Their stories never die.

Thank you so much, if you read this long thing. xD I really appreciate it.

(u know u love me)
(Gossip girl... LOL)


PS. Check out my collections, maybe you'll find your own happines there?