ed sheeran - i'm a mess
fall out boy- grand theft autumn/where is your boy
aerosmith - cryin'
years & years - worship
panic! at the disco - northern downpour
5 seconds of summer - jet black heart
the neighbourhood - sweater weather spotify sessions
melanie martinez - gingerbread man
green day - still breathing
the 1975 - love me
red hot chili peppers - parallel universe
troye sivan - fools
hey violet - fuqboi
the neighbourhood - female robbery
troye sivan - bite
fall out boy - alpha dog
the bloodhound gang - the bad touch
arctic monkeys - why'd you only call me when you high
marina and the diamonds - teen idle
radiohead - creep

one of my favourite mixes on spotify, so i'd thought and share. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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