Yes, our society is still fixed on this image how girls have to look - long hair, thin legs, a flat stomach blablabla. Being a girl is pretty hard these days and seeing countless samples every single day of how you should look and feel about your body doesn't make it easier for us. But are we really happier with a tanned, perfect body or long blonde beachwaves, just as we are told? Here are a few reasones why not being in shape is better than being in shape:

  • You don't have to be careful with what you eat

Life can be so exciting when you're allowed to eat everything you want. I always hear my parents and my friends say "oh god I'm not thin enough, I should eat less, I should eat healthier" etc and I always tell them "Life isn't this great when you don't allow yourself to eat whatever you want"
Yes, being fit may be great, but going for lunch and eating that burger you love so much is wayyy better - this is how I think at least.

Image by marie m.
  • You don't have to force yourself to do something you really DO NOT want to do

Whether it's going to the gym or riding your bike or simply going for a run - no, doing sport isn't always as easy and great as it seems and getting in shape is more energy-sapping than you'll ever think (yes, I once went for a run and almost puked afterwards - and yes, I cried haha)
So how much fun is getting in shape when all you wanna do is puke and cry in the beginning?
AND - that's the most important point - how much fun can it be when you don't even want to do it?

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  • You can do whatever you want without bad conscience

Well, this is a point that applies perfectly to me. I don't do any sports at all, I go literally EVERYWHERE by car, I guess I'm the laziest person on mother earth. And you know what? I don't care! I never thought that I'd look better with less weight or more muscles or a flat stomach. I don't care if I could get a better body because that's not a tiny bit important to me! I can go out and get some Margarithas with my girls, go for a coffee or get something from McDonalds just because I feel like I want fries - all of these things without feeling bad afterwards and thinking about that I'm going to work on myself two hours longer in the gym! Isn't that way better than a hot body?!

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And last but not least...

  • You look perfect anyway!

Society tries to tell us that we have to get in shape to feel good and to be pretty. Bullshit! You are the most beautiful as long as you feel confident about your body. You don't have to be in excellent shape for this! Confidence makes you pretty, happiness makes you pretty, self assurance makes you pretty - not going to the gym five days a week just because some crackbrained personal trainer from a dumb advertising tells you this!

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