We all want our dreams to come true, we want our life to be peaceful- the future exactly how we imagine it. We hope for something better_something that will be different from our current situation. In the middle of the night you silently cry because you lose your hope and you no more see an open road,a light to guide you where you want to be,where your dreams and goals are waiting for you(for all of us).And all that happen because in our close environment there's only darkness and rarely a few happy moments. Nothing that can really relax our soul and make sure that we'll be alright and reach the top. But WE SHOULD NEVER GIVE UP! We are able to gain our powers back-courage,hope,faith,loyalty- and follow our path,the only path that we crave. Regardless of what's happening right now, we cannot and should not run away from our dreams and the life we want to live! We Are Strong And We Will Certainly Make It