And I want to scream.
Scream for all the wrong things in this world.

Explode into an air of colors would be the answer. But even then I'd be judged.

I feel my chest getting heavy from my breath and soul.


That's what I am.


Trapped in a small, stupid world. Surrounded by pieces of flesh that define me.

But my soul wants to run, I want to run.

Run and scream.

Find why I'm feeling such a big passion for life. Find the source of that passion.

Maybe find how to fix a small part of this world.

Show to people how many things there are to do, to live for.

I want to run, run with all the power I've got. But I'm so small.

Just an ant with a vision.

Trapped in a big world, full of empty souls.

And I can't do anything.

So I scream.

Scream in that small prison, that box , that cage I live in.

The world we call our home and we all live in.

Trapped there. Searching for a key while there's no lock.

©flowercrownGalaxies (me) on wattpad