Hello everyone! So I started to post small "qoutes" from a story I'm currently writing. It's not called "Avril and Elijah" these are just the main characters, it's also not a Avril Lavigne fan fiction (some may think that). I don't wanna say here what it's about but would you read it? Judging by the qoutes? Cause I was thinking about posting it on wattpad. I am a bit insecure about my writing since English is not my first langauge and I don't know if I have any talent. I posted already two fan fictions on wattpad that are quite successful but I haven't had any luck with "normal" storys... so yeah. Please don't think I just wanna post it to get a bit fame, it's just that I put a lot of personal stuff in it and I just worked really hard on it... yeah. Tell me what you think. Thanks! xxx