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Does autumn have a certain feeling to it?

Associating seasons with particular feelings

Now, as we approach one of the most beautiful, vibrant and colourful seasons of the year, we start to gather our thoughts and feelings on achieving the perfect mood for autumn. However, some find autumn melancholic and start to feel gloomy. Maybe it's the weather, maybe it's the dark, earthy tones, perhaps it is the lack of vitamin-D soaking up in the pores. Some say, that we deliberately choose to change our mood into a more gloomy state of mind to achieve that proper and true autumn feeling.
During the summer, we often change our state of mind - and unconsciously have it changed by the sun and its loving rays - to a happy, light-hearted mood. The wintery depression is gone at last and one can breathe again. For some, the autumn is merely going right back to depressive thoughts and anxiety - and the incredible urge to see the sun for more than a few minutes a day.

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Autumn, we welcome you

For myself, autumn is one of the most beautiful and amazing seasons. Summer is amazing, sure, but living in Denmark we don't get as much sun and perfect summer weather as so many actually does. Our summers are filled with rain, wind and cold evenings. Therefore, it is actually a relief to see the leaves falling off, turning orange, red and yellow and to enjoy sitting inside by the fireplace, drinking a cup of tea while the rain slowly descends from the thick, dark and omnipresent clouds.
I have been taught to love every season. Autumn is beautiful and we should embrace it even more.

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Can you feel it? The true, beautiful Autumn is coming to greet us.