I don't know if you feel excited about going back to school but I'm definitely not.

And that's why:

1)I'm not a morning person. My bed is my kingdom and I'm sleeping beauty.
Basically leaving my bed is the hardest thing to do.

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2)I don't like having to see those people I hate every single day. I am a cute antisocial princess, can you leave me alone?

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3) I have to wear different cute outfits everyday.I like wearing my pyjamas all day long,so you forcing me get out of them is a crime.

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4)I hate the food they have in school but I'm too lazy to make a home-made lunch.

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5)I hate homework.The deal here is,I love reading books but hate homework.I mean,who needs maths when you can read ''The fault in our stars'' by John Green ?

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6)There are no cute boys at my school.I'm not motivated to go there.

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7)I want to be a princess.Princesses do not need certificates.Or do they?

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8)My friends have different classes than me.Which means,I am alone.

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9)Teachers can be really rude sometimes.I forgot my notebook? So what? Will you sentence me to death?

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10)School sucks okay?The toilets are dirty,girls are mean,boys don't care and I am just a girl. I NEED MY SPACE.

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