When you travel around 7-8 times in 12 months you slowly learn more and more about packing. I have learned quite a few things myself over the past 3 years and I have some tips to share with you all today. Some tips will be useful when you travel with a small suitcase and others will be useful when you have a weight limit.

Tip No1: When you start packing your suitcase make sure to leave all your socks, tights, bralettes etc. towards the end. Pack your suitcase and then fill any gaps with those really odd and small pieces of clothing. You can always fit things like that around the edges of your suitcase or in between piles of clothes.

Tip No2: Stuff your shoes with socks etc. This hack will be very handy when you want to pack quite a few pairs of shoes. Not only it helps you save space but it is also a great way to make sure your boots keep their shape and don’t get all squashed in the suitcase.

Tip No3: Roll your clothes to save space! I believe that almost everybody knows this tip but I still wanted to mention it because it does not get enough credit. Instead of just layering all your t-shirts on top of each other, roll them and stuck them next to each other. You can also do the same thing with leggings, skirts, jeans… pretty much anything that is not too thick!

Tip No4: One of my top tips for packing thick winter clothes is to leave them all towards the end and just layer them on top of everything else. Roll all your clothes, that can be rolled, and cover the bottom of your suitcase. Then fold your chunky sweaters, jackets, vests etc. and just lay them on top of the other clothes. Make sure not to fold your thick clothes too many times. They are already thick enough so try and keep everything as flat as possible. If your suitcase is big enough, you don’t even fold your sweaters. You just layer them on top of each other and it saves to much space.

Tip No5: My last tip is to make sure that you pack all your chargers, laptop, tablet etc. either in your hand luggage or your bag to make sure they will not get lost or broken. Also use bubble wrap or your own clothes (saving space 😉 ) to wrap any fragile items you pack in your suitcase to make sure nothing gets damaged

I hope you found some of these tips helpful. Let me know if you use them next time you have to pack. 😉

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