After world war II the world feared an nuclear war between the UdSSR and the Americans. Now in 2017 we are allowed to fear a nuclear war again. This time between the Americans and North Korea and south Korea. And I don't want to hurt anyone but I thought after world war II we have learned a little bit. I thought we have learned that war is never a good solution and is helping no one. I think/hope there will be no nuclear war but do these people think it's funny to ''play'' with atomic bombs? Do they know this could destroy the whole damn planet? I know that people are selfish and some are really dumb but this just is too much for me! So people tell me why are we at this point again? We're in 2017 we should live in peace. People grow up and live in peace. We have to live in peace because fighting for peace is harder than starting a war.

PS: !. don't want to attack anyone.
2. this is just my opinion and if you have an other opinion I'm ok with it so beg you to be ok with my opinion.
3. Live a life in peace guys.