Almost one year ago my mom and me moved out in our own flat. Before that we lived with my father, her husband, in a big house and actually had everything. But that was not enough to keep us. Because he was violent and always stressing about things that were not even important. He hit me and my brother for years. As long as I can remember he always did that. Someday my brother moved out and left me alone with all the pain. As anyone can imagine my father focused all his violence on me as soon as my brother left. One day I had enough. I could not live like that anyore. So I finally decided to end what is going on. It sounds hard, and for me it was. My father was freaking out again and I tried to run away and called the police. AS the two officers arrived my father stopped talking to anyone and ignored me for three months. But the police did nothing to stop him. He was not arrested or anything. They wrote everything down I told them and left. I got a letter from a women's shelter and got calls from a
women's Representative but actually they did nothing. We lived on with him in one house and after he startet talking with me again something has changed. He was not interested in me anymore and stayed away from me. And from my mom. But after a few months he started another way of hurting me. He now used words to hurt me. He shouted at me and made me understand that I am nothing and not worth anything. But that did not stop me from taking the chance to get out of there. I talked to my mom and she took me very serious. She wanted to get out of there either. So she talked to my dad about the situation and wanted to get divorced. After another year of surching for a flat that fit us we moved out. Finally. I did not forgive my father for what he did but I can talk to him in normal ways and he stopped being violent. He actually cried when he got to understand that he would lose his family. But I did not care about that. It was his own fault. My mom and me are very happy now. Well she is happy, I think. I have to worry about so many other things but I will not show my kind of depression to my mom because that would break her little heart.

I want every girl or boy that goes through the same shit to be opened about it even though it hurts and is pretty hard to tell anyone. I know that. I waited 18 years to finally tell someone. But please think about all the others that are afraid to talk about it. Show them it is nothing to be ashamed about!