I usually don't talk about me a lot, but I want that you guys know me, and feel free to send me a message because if I like one thing is making new friends and talk.

So are you ready to know a little about me?

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  • I'm studying a bachelor's in Psychology. I'm a sophomore right now.
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  • In the past I wanted to study acting, and cinematographic direction but here in Puerto Rico the cinema industry is not really great, so I had to give up and now I'm something like a writer too. I've been eight years writing a fantasy story that I'm not even close to finish yet. I hope that one day I can publish it.
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  • These year I had this crazy idea to join in the Air Force ROTC, and I do it. I pass the english test with a really great score. I fill out all the paperwork, that believe it was a lot. But I don't know what happen to me in the first PRE-LLAB. I was ready, my body was ready but apparently my mind wasn't. And I choose to quiet. It was a really great opportunity for me but I wasn't ready yet.
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  • I like arts, and classic music. it helps me to write some cool pieces.
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  • I had a thing with Starbucks Coffee and Krispy Kreme.
  • I like fashion, but who doesn't?
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  • I'm really kind with people and animals. I love animals so much. And with people even if they treat me different, I'm always kind. I don't know why, I'm just like that.
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  • I like tv shows a lot. It is my little refugee when I want to take a break of the reality.
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  • I like reading too.
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  • My favourite actor is Leonardo Di Caprio, Tom Cruise and Lin Manuel Miranda. They are just amazing. I admire Leo for all that he do with his organization for the planet and animals.
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  • And I Like Dance Too
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I think this is all the basics to know me a little. Now, I want to know you! Send me a message with all the basics of you so we can chat a little!

See you around :)
xoxo, T.