What is love?Many people question that. Well, first of all, love isn't a thing, as somebody would think. Let's explain it with astrology. When you look up in the sky, you see a million stars, just like the people in the earth. All of them shine. Then, something gets your attention. A little star, so far away from all the others. For some people it may seem insignificant, but for you it is really important. Now, you'll be asking where am I taking that. My darling, this star is like the person you fall in love with. But one day, this star falls for somebody else, somebody new. You can't see it as bright as it was before. Then, one day comes the change. You find something different, something bigger. It's the moon. It is so beautiful. The first time, it shows you the half side of it, which is dark and mysterious. Then it uncovers its full side. It is so beautiful and majestic, you can't eventually stop looking at it. This side does only appear 4 times. Afterr, it's only the half of it. That, my dear, is called love.