I've been wondering many times what is the purpose of life. I came up to different conlusions each time - helping people, nirvana, coping with the everyday obscacles, having fun....

However for about 2-3 months my mind have been around a certain statement which gives me power. It gives me strenght and inspiration and I realized it. I really did. Everything is about finding and keeping yourself, isn't it?

Just think about it. Sit quietly and imagine a moment when you wanted to share your thoughts with somebody.

The first option - you do. You feel happy and enthusiastic, right!

The second option - you don't and keep it for yourself. Personally, I feel kinda depressed and unmotivated. Like nothing makes sense anymore.

We help the world and fulfill our mission when we express our true selves. When we accept ourselves despite everything. Every single one of us has something nobody else has. Our purpose is not to lose it, as we already have it.

Your inner spark is the most important thing because as long as it burns there are opportunities and willingness to see them. There is hope. There is purpose, there is inspiration, there is life.

sparks, quote, and you image
And we gonna let it burn :)