From the previous episode of Teen Wolf all of us know that Scott's pack "left" Beacon Hills. NAHHHH everyone knows they won't run away from their problem because they always have a way to solve it.

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At the start of this episode, Nolan and his group of friends are slashings people's hands to see how fast they can heal. The faster the person heals, then they are a part of the supernatural sections.One of the students that they've caught was a coyote and he heals really fast.

Aaron ( so called Aaron, not Aaron at all) went after the coyote and he kind of killed the coyote by putting in spiders into his body just like the way Aaron died. In the mean time, Papa McCall was interrogating Nolan with Monroe by his side. They were trying to find the 2 runaways because Nolan used to know them.

Papa McCall thinks that the 2 runaways escaped from their police vehicle but then again all of us knew that Monroe and the other hunters killed them. Nolan got really nervous that Monroe have to send him back to class and the interrogation stopped.But he went to the boys changing room instead where he found the coyote dead with spiders in his mouth.

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He panicked and called Monroe and Gabe to help him. Well, she asked Gabe to extract some of the coyote skin and asked the boys to get rid of the body.After that, Nolan was in class when he saw that Mason getting some supplies that he went to put inside his car.

Mason drove away with Nolan following him behind. Mason received a call from Liam and asking if Nolan is following and he is. So basically they have a plan to put all the hunters into a trap in an abandoned zoo.Meanwhile, Scott, Malia, Lydia, and Argent was waiting outside the armory waiting to invade the place.

Once all the hunters are out going to the abandoned zoo thinking that Scott and his pack is there, Lydia, Scott, Malia, and Argent went into the building to only find that
the guns weren't there because Gerard knew they were coming.

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In the mean time, Liam and Theo are trying to distract the hunters.But Liam almost got himself killed because of his anger issues he got himself into a fight with Theo at first and he attacked Nolan and pushed both of them off some cliff.

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At the armory, Argent and Lydia were controlling the security and unlocking the doors for Scott and Malia.SInce they've found out that the guns weren't there, they went to explore more things and Scott found a map that belongs to the armory. Argen asked them to get out of the room because Lydia had a bad feeling about it.

But instead, Scott and Malia smelled the 2 runaways in a section that is locked.Scott and Malia tried to open the door to only give off the alarm to the armory and lasers start to come out of everywhere.Malia and Scott only found the 2 runaways pack skins with their pack tattoo on it -telling Scott that they're dead.

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Both of them tried to get over the lasers and Malia finally found the exit but she accidentally drop the lock on the laser and the oxygen inside the room is gone.And soon enough Scott and Malia were in the room dying but some romance went on between the 2 of them.But Lydia and Argent were fighting off the guards outside and of course, Lydia uses her scream to open the door.

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Monroe really wanted to go back to the armory because she found out that Scott broke into the armory.But Gerard kept on asking her to find Liam and kill him because the bond between an Alpha and its beta is stronger than the bond between the parent and its child.Once they kill Liam and show it to Scott they will manage to destroy the pack.But they were too late to do that.

As Liam was about to attack and kill Nolan. Theo kind of knock Liam out so that Nolan can run away.When they were in the car, Theo explained to Liam that he was experiencing fear that was coming out from the nemeton from the wild hunt that causes Liam to experience anger.

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Can we just talk about how cute Theo and Liam bond is going on?Both of them are really stubborn and have anger issues that what brought them together. Even though Scott is still a good Alpha to Liam but if Theo and Liam go on a road trip it will be fun.

Back at Mama McCall house, all of them were looking at the map they found at the armory and found out that Gerard wants to kill every supernatural in the world.Scott and Malia kind of went on to their romantic scene when Malia just kissed him because that's what she wanted to do in her 18 years living.

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They were looking at the map when Papa McCall came in and warned them that Gerard has given his guns to the residents of Beacon Hills so that they can "protect" themselves but before they knew it the house was ambushed by guns and arrows.

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