OMMO, The new comeback of EXO is AMAZING. Have you watched it ? Here the link for the clip :

We got that power power (a)
exo and baekhyun image

I really love this comeback, as always, EXO innovates always and again, I'm so proud of my boys ! The song is really catchy ! The clip is so funny too! I really like this comeback, I can't wait to see my boys perfom to this song ! The other songs of the repackage are so good too!


I dreamt of you without falling asleep
I hope, hope that I don’t forget about you
Today how about if we
Burn it up together
As if we became one, Feeling feeling
So turn me up


Oh sometimes the truth
Oh hurts more than lies
Oh we’re scared of getting hurt
We turn away from the truth


I shout but I Turn back
I throw myself far away but in the end I Boomerang
Again I Turn back
Returning as if I promised like a Boomerang
Somehow I’m back where I was (Hey hey hey)
I try to fly higher and farther but

gif, exo, and baekhyun image
Omg Baekhyun... Why?

Who is your favorite track? Do you like the new MV ? Tell me !