I have already done an article about fandoms( in case you want to read it: ) but this is somehow different! this is about my love for One direction and it's not about fandoms generally.

#The First Sight
I listen to them on youtube and automatically loved them. I don't even know why but I did. The repeat button was something that I was using a lot and sometimes I still do. Their faces were so soft and pure that i wanted to squezee them and kiss them gently.

#The uncoditionaly love
Well that was a really uncoditionaly love. I loved them with all my heart and a part of my heart still loves them and I think that will never end. There were so far away but so closed to me. I cried and laugh with them and always will. This love will never end and if you are new to this fandom or to the seperate fandoms now you should know that will end somehow and you won't be so obsessed with them.

Uhh.. This part! Zayn is not a part of One Direction anymore. That really hurt at first. He was my crush actually and that hurt a lot! LIke really hurt. When a friend called me and said that to me at first I didn't really believed it. After I read the post I started crying and sobbing. I felt like he betrayed me. NOW I love his new music. I think that THIS is the REAL Zayn and I'm so happy for him. He is doing what he loves and that's ok by me.

If we share the same feelings about 1D or Zayn please let me know! Lots of love and thanks for reading my article.