Hi Hearters!
I've just found out this thing about articles and since writing is one of my passions I would like to start doing it on We Heart It too by making a short presentation of me to all of you.

My name is Valentina, I'm from Italy and I'm 22. I'm studying Foreign Languages at university (English, French and Spanish :) ). I'm a bookworm but I also love writing small stories. I began a few years ago with fan fictions but now I'm moving into something more serious and completely made by me. My dream is to become a professional writer or maybe the head of a famous publishing house.

My other interests are fashion, music, movies/tv series and travels. My grandmother encouraged me to travel as much as I can because she said that it's one of the most beautiful experiences a man can make in his lifetime.

We Heart It helps me express myself fully and if you wanna know me better you just have to take a look at my collections, especially "I Me Mine" where you can see pictures of me, and "Quotes" where I share my view of life and thoughts about everything.

Thanks for reading! And follow me <3