A simple answer to the question “How do I look?” would most likely include adjectives such as trendy, chic or even “fetch”, but what if there was more to the question than originally thought? The word “look” means many different things. When applied to a question in such a general way many people can become uncertain when putting together an answer, especially as how you see yourself and how others see you, can be two very different things.

It is no secret that the fashion industry and social media are more than interlinked and growing further together. While all these platforms are great for promoting a brand or gaining a following, the way we ‘see’ ourselves through this lens can damage not only our online ‘look’ but also the person we see staring back in the mirror.

If the pressure of creating a curated identity, a ‘perfect’ representation, was stripped away there could be an opportunity to see the darker yet sublimely honest answer to the question ‘How do I look?’; the tears, the fear of feeling too much or even the desperation to be someone who ultimately doesn’t exist. The raw honesty in seeing deeper than the clothes on our back could unlock a world of style and looks that is yet to be explored.

India Krisson


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Stop looking for people to clap for you. Clap for yourself.

India Sophia Krisson