Books are good. Some people as well. But this time start this Tuesday morning with a cup of favourite tea, couple of biscuits on the plate next to the cup, boost your favourite tunes, sit back in a comfortable armchair (or stay lying in the bed) and daydream.

About life, love, the lavender fields in the south of France, the relaxing sound of the waves of the Mediterranean...

Allow yourself to be a child again.

Do not forget to include imagination in your day. Imagination is not only a good motivator but also a great partner for success. Therefore, with a little help of imagination (Shhh! Be somewhat selfish. Do not reveal the reason to your happiness to everyone.) you can do whatever makes you happy.

A man cannot live without dreaming. Without imagination a man cannot achieve his dreams.

Be imaginative...

-The Hummingbird (@emotionaldecember)