Dates.. They can end up in an amazing way but at first when we are getting ready it is so complicated.. What should I dress? Should I use makeup or is that too much? We have so many questions that it turns out a nightmare just to get ready so I will help you with some outfit ideas for a date!!!

So I´m not the type of girl that says that you need to dress up for a date like you would dress up for a wedding or something like that, I am pretty sure that almost all girls prefer to fell well in their clothes than fell arrested in some skinny dress! So that my first outfit is very simple but very cute at the same time.

fashion, style, and outfit image
(It´s pretty simple but like you can see the way colors contrast makes the outfit looks way more formal than it is)

Some girls feel more comfortable with a dress than with shorts so I bring you another outfit this time a dress..

fashion and blonde image
(Super cute, sexy and a dress!! one only piece of clothe and you would look amazing...)

Now we have the skirt option that needs a warning, if you ever dress a skirt for your date and if it is as simple as the one I will show you make sure to use some makeup because if you don´t it will look like you are going to school or something like that..

Image by amandaa
(I chosen this one because the skirt looks so well with the top and the makeup and this was what I was talking about later)

Jeans here!! If you prefer wearing jeans for a date please don´t use some normal jeans, or some ripped jeans... use formal jeans and a top.

fashion, outfit, and style image
(you see, formal jeans and a top!! Amazing combination)

So I hope you guys enjoyed this article, go check my other articles in my collection

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