She tell how much it hurt to keep a secret she don't want to. She also tell if he might not like her and what she might feel about it. She couldn't stop writing, it was so interesting for her to read and to write about her feelings and her actions.
People on the internet don't seems very interested into it. She didn't know she did wrong but she couldn't fix it either.

In all summer, she keep on wiriting and writing until the end of summer.

In the end of summer, they were going to start on a new school and a new year with new people. They are starting on junior high school. This year, girl was meeting new people but she notice that she and the boy will not be in the same class anymore. She was quiet sad just by thinking how she will be alone, but they will be neightbore class.
Will she be fine? Or can't she handle it? Will they still hang out? Or will they not?