She just lay on the bed with a phone in her hands. And she whispers herself "How time has changed? i just wish it would have turn out differently, i think if we had met at a different time, or we were old or maybe we could have met somewhere else, it could have worked the way we wanted it to be. Maybe then i wouldn't be laying here telling myself how it could be and how much i miss his smile, his silly laugh and the future we had created in our mind in an "imaginary world". He was crazy, but so was i. And i'm here still missing him more. That's the love i don't want but i'm so eager to feel that again, the voice i don't want to hear but craving for it , i don't want to feel his body but hope i can." Love can't be replaced, I agree. But someday, somewhere I'll find myself falling in love with someone even more.

Dedicated to all the people out there who believe that they
never will fall in love again.(^_^)