One thing that struck out the most in what Dr Shafiur Rahman said-

‘When I was 7 years of age, my parents sent me to Madrasah, and when we went there, we had to memorize small Surahs and recite it back to the Ustadh and then after that was done, my friends and I just played, chucked pens at one another, wrestled one another and then got bored. You see this is the root of the problem. When we are young, we were only taught to MEMORIZE and we were never taught to UNDERSTAND the tafsir of those ayats. To me ‘Laa ilaa ha illaAllah’ meant - “either you memorise it or get beats from the Ustadh”, it never meant anything else’.

I was pondering over this point and how true it is. Majority of us (especially from south Asian heritages) went to such establishments or got taught by ‘Islamic tutors’ just to plainly memorize the Qur'aan. SubhanAllah. The Quran must be read with reflection and we (speaking more on a personal term here) missed out big time as children. May Allah allow us all to give our children the knowledge of everything we missed out on as kids.