They always ask me why do I love black? Why does the night seem more appealing to me? Why do I seem more like myself at night? What does the night has that is so special? I want to answer them, but I never do, that in these pitch dark sky I let myself be numb freely, no need to pretend to be happy around others anymore, it’s only me and my little secret with the night, I can cry and let myself be consumed by my body shaking and my heart beating frantically, I can be self-conscious and anxious, I can let my thoughts run without interruption and it’s scary, it’s scary because every night, when most of us are asleep, I lose a little part of me and there is no one to help me. I can’t ask them for help because I’ll only disappoint them more. They believe I’m happy because I laugh the hardest, I smile the brightest, but inside I’m broken, I’m auto-destructive, just like he said before he left, and every night I come out of the shadows, take out the mask and break more and no one will never know.