Thanks to everyone who took the time to read this article. Also I want to mention it is my very first article so I hope you like it.
Pdt : English is not my first language so I anticipately apologize for any grammatical mistake.

I am not an expert in these topics but one thing I know for sure is that is very difficult to overcome the loss of a loved one, either it is death or the different roads each other takes.

Recently I have been feeling like I lost my best friend, but I gained another; and he is worth it, totally worth it, I do not complain at all, the best of the best.
But lets imagine I didn't gain another one, I would be alone, sad, depressed, angry, but most of all weak. You will ask, "why weak?"
Well, it is because your best friend is your main support, is the one who will get you up in your feet when you are down, the one who will join you in every adventure you decide to start, watching your back when you take risks, the one drying your tears and holding your hand, laughing with you and making you smile when you need it, attending your calls at 3 a.m. , hearing every word that comes out of your mouth, answering your questions, speaking when he needs to and remaining silent when he feels it is adequate to do so.

He/she is one of the most important persons, if not the most important person, in your life. The mainstay.

Have you seen the animated movie of Tarzan, when his mother gorilla explained to him that the biggest tree in the middle of the group is the mainstay of the other trees ( I think I am confused if it is that movie or if the scene goes like that, please correct me if I'm wrong, but you get the point of what am I talking about) , well that is the role of your best friend, right?

Now no mainstay, no support, no nothing. HERE is the problem.

The carousel never stops turning = Life goes on, we either move on with it or remain quiescent. This is the easy thing to say, not so easy to do. People do not understand what we are going through so they expect us to ignore the pain and move on as if nothing has ever happened.
We have to do a crashed landing in the middle of nowhere and they still want us to be OK with it, this is NOT OK.

So the first phase, as always, it is DENIAL. We just can't believe they left. So we deny the fact that they are gone, we just can't accept it, and that is OK. Never ending phase that is part of every other phase.

Second phase, REGRET, we regret every bad thing we said or did, the things we didn't do and now can't be done anymore.

Third phase, MEMORIES, you wish you had more memories, and make last longer the ones you already have, freeze the time and go back to your favorite moments together, make your memories a sempiternal cycle of best moments with your best friend.

Fourth phase, INTENSIFIED FEELINGS, oh yeah guys, just like a pregnant woman, your feelings will become more intense, and everything reminds you of a moment you shared with your best friend, like the day he/she said "You are my best friend, I'd do anything for you", or when you called at 1 a.m. and fell asleep while talking, or when you were scared of a horrible nightmare and first thing you called them and they helped you through the night until you could finally fall asleep knowing they got your back and nothing could ever harm you as long as your best friend is by your side, armed with a kitchen utensil, harmless as a spoon but lethal in the hands of your brave best friend.

Fifth phase, BREAKING DOWN INTO TEARS, yeah we all know that we will be crying from the begining til the end, but after the past four phases, you haven't cried enough yet so you will cry so hard now for no reason, literally you look through the window and you start crying as if there is no tomorrow,you have been accumulating all the pain, the anger and the depressive thoughts concerning your friendship, what could have been done better, what you should have done in that moment when..., what you wish could happen now, and the miracle it would take to fix everything. So yes, ladies and gentlemen, NOW is when YOU fall appart, you just CAN'T Keep It TOGETHER any longer.

Sixth phase, REALIZE THAT IT'S TIME TO LET GO, well maybe it is, maybe it's not, HERE is when you decide whether to go back to the begining point or finish everything, end this shit up and leave for good. What YOU decide here is crucial, why? Because you will have to stay strong with any decision you make. How do you let go? I don't have an answer for that since it is up to you how YOU handle difficult situations.


PDT #2 : Once I heard an old wise man say : "There is no greater demonstration of love than the sacrifice that a friend makes for another." and yes he is WISE, One day you will remember this and understand what I am talking about.

Goodnight. ❤